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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
It actually is a non sequitur. The name of the fallacy itself is the appeal to ignorance. It's commonly used in a bid to put forward irrational and baseless claims. We can speculate that an Intelligent Designer is guiding the process - which I highly doubt - but we can't use a lack of proof to the contrary - or negative proof - to infer it as you do.
I'll just refer to my previous comment which made things clear.

Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
Criminal courts accept witness testimony. How many criminal courts make a final decision based solely on this witness testimony alone however? I very much doubt a (serious) criminal case was ever settled on witness testimony alone, though I haven't checked myself.

I died and saw a light / met my loved ones is never going to sound rational to an Atheist. I wouldn't bother trying to frame it as such.
I want to know exactly why you think life reviews do not "sound rational". I would love to hear a rational reason without materialism bias. Thanks.
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