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Originally Posted by boognish

if you have AIDS then you can get HIV FALSE
if you have HIV then you can get AIDS TRUE
You said that you had to have HIV to get AIDS, so it's implied that if you have AIDS, you have HIV...that's just what you had said earlier, not me.

Originally Posted by boognish
basic proofs, both statements must be true to conlcude that
If someone has sex with someone with the diseases then you can get AIDS having sex
I've taken math, I know what a proof is, thanks. And the fact CAN get AIDS by having sex. Yes, it's transmitted through HIV and all that other crap, but the long of the short of it is simply that you CAN GET FLIPPING AIDS, that's all he wanted to know!

Originally Posted by boognish
its just not true. this isnt a debatable topic, it is physically impossible to skip having HIV and immediatly get AIDS. you must have HIV to get AIDS
I never said you didn't get HIV if you had AIDS, all I said was that he could get AIDS, please read what I type.

Originally Posted by kevin
Stop bickering. Who cares anymore? I'm sick and tired of everyone saying "I'm right your wrong". Just drop it and go research it.
And you're right, sorry.
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