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Originally Posted by kevin
Well to reply to the first, Those are foriegn, You drank them, they're supposed to be in your body, but you decided to drink that much water.

But either way, we're talking about giving yourself aids. That's impossible.

AIDS from oral sex, I kinda said what you said, except in a goofy manner.
Lol. Okay, we'll discuss that foreign stuff later, somewhere else.

The point is...

1. You cannot receive AIDS from yourself.

2. You can receive AIDS from fellatio (that is, with another person).

Originally Posted by boognish
its impossible to get aids from sex you idiots. and yes you can get aids from self oral, because it has to already be in your body for you to get aids. HIV is transmited. not aids. and no you cannot get HIV from self oral. but you can get it from someone with HIV or AIDS.
You're just arguing semantics. Whether or not AIDS is transmitted, it is still possible, in the end, to be received from oral sex.
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