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Originally Posted by Cain
Originally Posted by Kabal Scorpion
That is the most ridiculous thing I've heard. If you could, you'd be dead long ago. It's like saying "can you get a cold from my own germs in my body?"
That's actually possible, if for some reason you get an imbalance of healthy (or non-healthy) germs, your body could get sick.
Not if it's not from anything foreign. If it's directly from your body you can't get sick.

Originally Posted by Cain
If it's with someone else though, it is possible to get any disease.
Not aids though. It would go through your digestive system. And if you had surgery recently and giving oral, I don't think that you really live longer than you are right now

There's only four known ways to get aids. Blood ---> Blood, Sex, Breast feeding, or inheriting it from a parent.

Sorry if that sounded like I was going at you. I didn't mean it like that.
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