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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
The simple answer is yes.

The lengthy answer is too complicated to even begin to type up at 3:20 Am in the morning. I'm just going to hope that the bolded portion of your post suffices as an explanation for now - and, even then, I'm confused in how a belief in a creator makes all of those problems disappear; 'God did it', is a lot less satisfactory an answer than: 'we don't know, but we're working on it.'
Well, don't forget to explain the life reviews and personal commentary from a separate entity of light many people get when they temporarily die, or how they meet family they never knew about before (but confirmed after they "came back"). How do random chemicals floating around happen to organize such complexity and unknowables again (don't forget to show how the life reviews were "selected" for)? And if you say chemicals are the source, explain why you say that instead of the more straightforward conclusion that they have only "enabled" the experience (freeing the spirit in some way from the veil of the body). Thanks!

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