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Originally Posted by darthearth View Post
This is part of the transformation of Christianity that I hope takes place. "Pleasures are fine until they are sinful and against the commandments." With the understanding that the commandments are only "Love God" and "Love your neighbor as yourself." I believe all morality should be discerned and reasoned from these two commandments (included sexual morality). I believe that was God's intention in Christ.
And this is a major problem I hold with religion: when one chooses to abide to a certain set of religious dogma - Christianity; Hinduism; Islam; Judaism; whatever - they're automatically deferring their morality to some supposed higher power. Now, I'll admit that some - such as you - do it to a (much) lesser degree that others[1], but it still stands that when one adopts a religion they're no longer - to some degree or another - continuing to think and make choices for themselves. It gets worse when you adopt my POV, and come to the conclusion that it's not a Supreme Being(s) or God(s) that Theists defer their morality to, but rather an individual - or set thereof - who wrote, whilst what is an undeniably amazing piece of literature which was certainly ahead of its time, a popular book.

I am, anyway, a Gnostic Atheist. Whilst the burden of proof may rest on me to provide evidence of a lack of existence of X God, I find the chances of such existence to be so slim they're negligible, and hence don't identify as Agnostic.

[1]: Though, let me add, I've debated with one highly religious individual and it's is positively scary what he was coming out with, least amongst it I being certainly destined for Hell.

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