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Default In a daydream

Im sitting in my classroom.
Then my head starts to spin,
I find myself in a prison cell.
Locked in Iron gates.
Just sitting and waiting for doom to reach me.
then it hit me,
In my dreams, i have full control.
I bust out of the gates.
Jump in the air and fly with my wings.
Who knew that I could amount to such things.
Playing with the clouds, being on top of the world.
Soaring to a new land.
Then reality hits me.
An airplane is right in front of me,
My right wing is broken off.
Working relentlessly, just trying to maintain above ground.
The force of gravity has become to much.
I fall straight down, such as a pen from a building.
Falling down so fast, then I slam into the cement of the newly paved road.
Starting to breathe again, and then BOOM!!!
My school bus is here to screw me over.
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