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Originally Posted by Lovelife090994 View Post
Who told you half this stuff? I am Christian and I assure you that it is nothing like that!

Does God test us? In a way yes. Your faith is tested as a Christian but God never brings harm, the test is a test that will you trust in God even with hard times and nay sayers.
Remember also, no amount of good can send one to Heaven, that much is true, there is no such thing as writing favors. You cannot harbor anger, anger beguiles the heart which is where God resides and where good resides. A blackened heart only get blacker.
Pleasures are fine until they are sinful and against the commandments.
Now, I get it, not everyone is Christian, but not everyone isn't either.
This is part of the transformation of Christianity that I hope takes place. "Pleasures are fine until they are sinful and against the commandments." With the understanding that the commandments are only "Love God" and "Love your neighbor as yourself." I believe all morality should be discerned and reasoned from these two commandments (included sexual morality). I believe that was God's intention in Christ.

Originally Posted by Jordzy2j View Post
I'm extremely unique. LaVeyan Satanic Christian (I named myself that, not sure if it's an official thing). I know, weird. It'll take waaaay too long to explain Look up LaVeyan Satanism and once you know what it is add Christianity
I looked up LaVeyan Satanism and still don't understand what you are talking about. A Christ centered life is not a "me" centered life.
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