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You right Dante. I did get alittle overboard with it being their fault, but that is my quick take on it.

I Don't know. I think the war was needed but its not being done right. If the war didnt follow through, we would Have all that money. Its all a giant guessing game, and a game of chance.
If we didnt go to war, that money could be used in so many other places. But then we also leave ourself vulnerable because we didnt take out the terrorists.
Now that we ahve gone to war, we have helped all of those Iraqies and made it safer. But now he have a huge debt, and we don't know when we will pull out of there. I read somewhere that this MIGHT go on for another 12 years.'

I dont think we are a threat to countrys. What i mean by them being a threat to us is that they are unpredictable. We can control ourselves to a very high degree, but with them, we wouldnt know if they would send a nuke over here or what.

I also think that the "freedom fries" was a stupid idea. My dad started calling them that and i thought he was such a douche bag. And he is a Democrat. If people knew anything, they would know that they are named "french fries" because they are cut "french" style, not because it was invented in france or whatever.
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