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well hiding things might make things harder to be honest. if she really loves you, she wont have too much of a problem. idk really, how long are you with her??

what was this gay thing, i kinda need to know so i can help.

what type of gay actions do you let slip?

We've been together around 8 months. I think she would not mind as we get along very well. It is my parents I am worried about becuase they think alot of me. I have all A grades except for 1 B+. I do not get in trouble and I have a girlfriend.

A few months ago I got a job at a supermarket with someone that I admire. He's really cute. I requested that I get the same shift as him. He is straight but he had to spend the weekend becuase he had no way to get to work and I said that I could drive him with me. He just wanted to try it. He said he enjoyed it, but that he wouldn't really want to do it alot. We striped down to our underwear and hugged and kissed and tusseled around in the bed and slept like that for the night. My parents did not find out becuase I have a bedroom in the basement and theirs is on the second floor. The friday night, I broke it to him that I was bi and then saturday night I told him that I was attracted to him and things just progressed to that.

I sometimes talk gay and walk gay by mistake and say gay things and stuff.
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