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Ok this is my outtake on the situation.

America is a good country, we are the most powerful country in the world, we are a free nation, and we do have many job oppurtunities.

But....Nick for you to say that the reason why people are poor in this country is their fault, you really need to grow up, you have to remember you are just 14 years old, I commend you for your knowledge but you have alot more learning to do, ALOT more......Did you ever think that the reason why people can't get jobs is because the economy stinks....I Have friends whos parents cant get jobs because they're to overqualified.....The reason why business use that excuse is because if you have alot of experience, you know how much you are supposed to get paid, when your new to the field business could pay you as much as they want, and you really cant object.

i wish that the United states would give more money to helping the world, than for war......

do you know that the war in Iraq costs $200 billion dollars.....Do you have any idea what that money could do? not only for people in this country, but for people in others. But we are using it for violence.

Bush led this country into Iraq under false pretenses...and it sucks that he lied to us.

You say that these countries are a threat to us, which maybe true, BUT arent we a threat to these countries, havent we demonstarted that by invading iraq.....

1700 of our troops died and 12,000 iraqi civilians die.
It is was never our place to go and rebuild Iraq and you know it, our country has many problems, and instead of fixing OUR problems, we try to fix theirs.....

how do we tell other countries to get rid of their nuclear weapons, when not only do we have our own...we gave these countries money to build theirs.

The situation with France shows us how ignorant americans are ( not all americans, but a good amount)
They do not support the war in iraq and we bash them for wtf is that?

Why cant we respect their decision....No we should bully them, come the hell on..

Calling French Fries Freedom fries, that was the dumbest shyt I have ever seen in my life.

When it was the Same France that gave the United states the Statue of Liberty, when it was the same france that helped us gain independence from Britain......That is being ungrateful.

I do not like how this country oppresses people because of the way they look, the color of their skin, religion, or sexuality...Other countries embrace these things, but we are having problems with it....(not all of us feel that way, but alot do).

to what boognish said, there are countries in Africa where it is modern day genocide, but there are alot more countries in africa that are facing EXTREME poverty, when they dont have food to eat at night, and the only thing they value is education, because they know thats the only thing that could save them.

That is my take on the situation.

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