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Originally Posted by koler
quote"you saying communism is a better form of economy? talking about oppression...." quote

Wow kid, i never said that. Talk about your propaganda...
Your right, you didn't say that the person who wrote the passage above you did. Good observation.
O ya, great job mixing in both mine and boognish's posts with out ever writing who made it.

Yes, i have been out of the United States. I have been to the Bahamas and wouldn't Mind going to Italy.

I could care less that they hate or dislike America. Do you know how many people here hate France?

How are we scared shirtless of the government, because i really don't see it. And who cares if they are wealthy? I congratulate them for becoming so. You can't take them down just because they have money. And for all the people that don't, its their fault. The only reason people are poor is because they are lazy, and they don't want to work. There are so many opportunities and programs out there to help the poor get wealthy. Its their decision if they want to do it or not.

People of the United States pulled away from the UK because the King treated them unfairly, and they did not believe that they should be ruled from 3000 miles away.

In any country, the majority religion is going to influence the Government and they way people do things. Its not just the United States. Look at the Middle East. Everything over there is influenced by religion. And they try insert their beliefs into those societies as well.

The gays, blacks, skaters, hippies etc. have not been singled out by the government. They have been singled out by the people (majority). The people run the government, and the people vote on which laws are put into effect or not. Its what the people think, and what the trends are at the time.

And you know what? I will call you KID as much as I want, no matter who you are or how old you are. That's the way i am.
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