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I am split 50/50 down the middle on this issue, I really can't make a decision on rather it is good or bad in my eyes. I'm not gay, so any decision made would have no impact on me. Also, I like to be left alone; I don't like to be bugged about stuff and I don't like people medeling around in what I want to do, so myself, I feel that I really should not make a decision. But, I will.

I see marriage as a religious affair, and like many others have said, between a man and a woman. I do not think that atheists should be allowed to marry, so I don't think that gays should be allowed to marry. But, since this is America, where everyone is supposed to be free, and religion is supposed to play no part in it, gays and atheists should be allowed to marry. Myself, I really do not understand the point of gay marriage, but I don't see it through the eyes of a gay person. Civil unions would not be bad.

Now the question comes up about benefits and civil unions. Yes, benefits like healthcare often cover spouses but not civil unions. I think they should cover civil unions too.

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