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Default Hiding my sexuality - Really need help

Hi all. I am bisexual. Lately I have been having a problem of letting gay actions slip. I am okay wth myself, but my parents, friends and relatives would not. I am still in the closet on this and would like to wait until college, so no one will know that I am bi.
Since this is my first post I will introduce myself in here. I am a bisexual 17 year old who will be a senior next year. I really never thought anything of it until about 3 months ago when it hit me what was up. I really do not mind, but it is everyone around me that will mind. 2 weekends ago I had my first gay thing happen. I will tell about that later. I have a girlfirend and I find her very attractive and we get along well but I do not know how she would handle knowing who I really am.
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