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"Brainwashed". Why do you people come up with shit excusses?
And yes i am that ignorant, and yes i do know that other countrys are free. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
Russia on its way to peace? Its on its way strait back to communism. You can tell, slowly, it is creaping back to communizm. And Putan isn't helping stop that.
quote"you saying communism is a better form of economy? talking about oppression...." quote
Wow kid, i never said that. Talk about your propeganda...

And do you know how many men, women and children were killed by Saddam Husein? He gasses his own people and i can guarantee right now that he has killed more than us. Guaranteed.
And some of the middle east knows one other way of life. Killing. All the radicals do is kill to show that their religion is SO superior to the others. Its got to be Religion this, Religion that. Nothing would ever work, let alone democracy.

But America is an oil hungry bastard anyway. And Bush got his grubby hands on the liquid gold, built himself a pipe line from Afghanistan, going through Iraq and into Kuwait and Sudi Arabia so that Bush can then raise the price of oil to outragous amounts sell it to america for higher prices so he could make a phrofit.
So you think that Bush is getting all this money under the table, and making his American people suffer? That is the stupidest thing i have ever herd. Did you know that less oil is being pumped from Iraq since the start of the war? No you didn't. So that means that in no way shape or form has this war help fill up our oil tanks. In fact, it had probably made it worse.

So are you going to be the next "crusader" to stop "evil corporate America" from being the best?

You people always focus on the bad. Do you know what is good about America?
We live in a free-enterprise system. This means that we are free to pursue any career you want and no one has to tell you otherwise. Another good thing is our right to vote. And another one is that we are free to practice any religion we want. America does not support or belittle any one religion. In many other countries in the world, they stand in line for hours waiting to buy essential items such as milk or bread. Here, you go to the grocery store and find that food is stacked almost to the ceiling. In this country a person can buy practically anything if they have the money or a credit card. In a world where Catholic and Protestants are fighting each other and religious wars are fought virtually all the time, the United States has never fought such a war. We are a free people. Where else can you talk or write about the President, or sit in a worship service and not fear that Big Brother will come and get you. Many thousands have died that we might have this freedom as well as the many other freedoms we enjoy. The United States is a world superpower. This insures that our freedoms will be here for future generations to come. We are a nation of wealthy people. We are at our best when things are at their worst. In disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes we pull together and do whatever is necessary to help our fellow man. Our country has become a world leader on its own. We did not conquer another nation and throw them out. America was formed from scratch with a good foundation that continues to stand.
^^ That is just a small sampling of what is good about America. Yes, we have some things bad about us, But no one ever seems to focus on the good.
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