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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Unfortunately it is becoming trendy. However, that's a different deal. Those who self-harm because it's "cool" often just want the attention. By waving their scars around, they encourage others to poke fun at them, and to label everyone who harms themselves as "emo". Someone who has a real problem with hurting themselves, won't go around showing it to people. They will go to almost any lengths to cover their scars, and will fabricate elaborate stories to explain it when they are found out. There is a lot of guilt and shame associated with this, that many people don't realize. These days, many cutters are afraid to get help because they don't want to be labeled "emo" or laughed at. Thanks to these attention-seekers, an already difficult problem is becoming harder and harder to treat. I assure you though, the majority of kids I've seen here are not asking for attention or trying to be cool. They're trying to cope with life in the only way they know how, and need our support to get back on track.

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