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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

It may seem stupid to you, and yes it's not the smartest move to make, but it is a real addiction. The physical harm releases endorphins, hormones that can temporarily relieve stress and emotional tension. Some people may cut because they feel emotionally numb, and they feel that the physical pain reminds them that they're alive, since they seem incapable of feeling anything else. The exact reasons vary, but for some people cutting seems to help. It's all short-term of course though, prompting them to cut again, and again, and soon they can't stop. They've taught themselves that cutting makes them feel better, and they feel like they won't be able to cope without it. It's hard to understand unless you've been there.

I am not, however, condoning self-harm. The purpose of the self-harm sub-forum is not to brag about it, but to raise awareness and to provide support. Almost everyone who cuts realizes on some level just how bad it is for them. They know they're risking serious blood loss, infection, and even death, just as an alcoholic knows they're risking liver and kidney disease (among other things), but when it feels like the only thing that makes life bearable, it's hard to give it up. It takes a lot of hard work, and they need all the support they can get. Feel free to ask questions if you don't understand, but I would appreciate it if you wouldn't say it's stupid. It makes the recovery process a lot harder when people look down on you even though you're trying to get better.

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