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Originally Posted by koler
America controls. We just charge into a country, kill everybody and then steals there resourses. We stole the original colonies from the british. Kill the mexicans for texas. Killed all the indians for the rest of america. ruled over the islands of the picific. Not to mention the u.s. forcing Japan and china to trade. Takeing over Iraq and threating north korea and iran. Using Propaganda to scare its citizens into buying guns, killing people, and being violent. Did you know america has over 11000 murders a year. Thats to most anywhere else on earth. More people are killed and hurt in america each year then there are hungry people in sudan. America is a bull shit economy created by rasist, narrow minded, christians 200 years ago. Face it, america sucks!
We stole from Britain. Ha.
I say taking over Iraq was needed, but at this moment, it is not being handled the way it should be. Do you know why we are threatening North Korea and Iran (And we are not the only ones)? Because they wanted and are very close to getting into making nuclear weapon and other nuclear programs. Do you know why we are threatening them? Because they are a threat to OUR country. They have reckless dictators and governments that hate America and would try to harm us in some way and some fashion. And if you were smart instead of picking certain info to lean to your side, we are not the only ones threatening them. Most European nations were starting to get very worried because Iran is so close to them. They knew that Iran wouldn't hesitate without warning. Other countries that are worried are China and South Korea.

We are not a bullshit economy. Does it look like we are heading into the next great depression? No. We are doing very fine. Yes, the dollar is down, but big whoop-DE-do. That's the way the world works. We have high points and low points. Its life, get use to it.

These "racist, narrow-minded Christians" as you called them have made this country into the most powerful, and one of the best countries in the world. And they are the ones allowing you to spew all of these lies onto this website. If you were anywhere else and you said this about your country, you would be gone with the snap of the fingers.
Face it, America is best.
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