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Originally Posted by Coprocephalus View Post
I think that all organised religions are bullshit especially christianity. You have to live your whole life with denial of pleasures. You can't even be angry on that guy who drove over your dog with his humwee, because anger is a sin. Dogs can't go to heaven anyway. Also... Why doesn't God just send the good people to heaven and bad people to hell? He knows everything yet he wants to test us. That is like stabbing yourself in the eye with a pencil to know if it hurts when the outcome is obvious.
Who told you half this stuff? I am Christian and I assure you that it is nothing like that!

Does God test us? In a way yes. Your faith is tested as a Christian but God never brings harm, the test is a test that will you trust in God even with hard times and nay sayers.
Remember also, no amount of good can send one to Heaven, that much is true, there is no such thing as writing favors. You cannot harbor anger, anger beguiles the heart which is where God resides and where good resides. A blackened heart only get blacker.
Pleasures are fine until they are sinful and against the commandments.
Now, I get it, not everyone is Christian, but not everyone isn't either.

Originally Posted by Kyur4 Th Ich View Post
A conclusion I've reached: Most people don't really know why they believe what they claim to believe, nor do they really understand the set of beliefs they claim the large majority of the time, but they do it anyhow.
It's by faith.

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