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The marketing of Linkin Park annoys me, as Shaolin said, everyone faces pain in their life, so that captures an audience.
Then add in the video-game style or lonely good looking girl of their music videos, that gets the... dunno, whatever they are.
They somehow have maketed it as cool so people think they are cool listening to it.
It's simple music, you can't dislike it, it's like pop, repetitive and bland.
They make vocals loud so they sound like loud rock music.
Then they add in a bit that's almost rap, yes... how I despise rap.

Actualy, I should commend them for their marketing, it's clever. Most steriotypical groups like it because they only see the stuff that is directed a their steriotypical group and think it's targeted at them.

In the end they are just pop, cleverly disguised pop, but pop none the less.
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