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Default Sweet Poem

This poem was written for me by my boyfriend, Terry. He is the sweetest guy I have ever met and I love him SO much.

That Special Girl

How many people are lucky enough to meet the girl of there dreams?
How many people have seen the person that they will live with and not know it?
How long have you waited for that person to come along?
How long have you looked for that special girl?

I havn't looked for that blur of a person of my dreams
I havn't waited to hear that special girl tell me she loves me
I havn't found that girl that will let me open my heart and tell her how i feel

I found that girl, that special someone
I may be young but I found the girl I love
I found the girl that tells me she loves me
I found the girl I can open my heart too

She is the person I love and never want to be without
She is the is the person I cant live without and wont live without
She is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and will spend the rest of my life with
She is my girl, my baby
She is Katie *******

The ******* are where my last name is....yeah. So i took it out. Isn't it sweet? I love

The truth is
You could slit my throat
And with my one last gasping breath
I\'d apologize for bleeding on your shirt
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