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Originally Posted by Shaolin
Anyone who plays an instrument, like guitar for example (i play guitar) can just listen to any of their songs, think "what the fuck" and then jump out of a window. They put NO effort into their music! It's a couple of riffs, played over and over again.
im not a big fan of linken park.. anymore, but i dont agree what u said about the couple of riffs thing, i think some of my fave songs are played with 4 powerchords through the whole song, but if it goes and sounds good i like it,

i play guitar, drums, trumpet/cornet and keyboard, so i got a good ear for picking out music, i tune music down in my brain so im only listening to the drum part, or w/e.

just cuz they dont do loadsa technical solos during thier songs, that would just sound dumb in there style of music anyway, doesnt make them a bad band, they are good at what they do, just not my style of music,

anyway back to the point, yellowcard are the bestband in the poll,. but G.C are good aswell, i have reanimation and metoria albums for linken, and i can listen to them without wanting to die, unlike most metal bands.

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