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Originally Posted by Maverick View Post
Anyone who has a negative or anti-drug stance on this forum is automatically labeled ignorant and propaganda filled. If you truly feel ok with what you're doing you wouldn't feel the need to jump on someone with a conflicting view as if you're desperately trying to crush it because you're so threatened by a negative aspect of what you're doing.

Sometimes its impossible to reason with drug users. I see nothing wrong if they at least acknowledge the health risks and warnings, but to pretend they don't exist or downplay them is irresponsible not only to yourself but people who read this forum.

I think that should be something drug abusers and anti-drug folk could agree on - that there's an acknowledgment of health risks, but some drug users would rather plug their ears and say their habits are at the right level to be safe because no one likes to think what they're doing could be wrong or harmful.
I'm not jumping on him because he disagrees with me. In fact, I'm not jumping on him at all. I'm just pointing out that the questions are insanely biased, and any one you answer sounds like some kind of addict-in-denial, as I said. The fact is, I'm well aware of all the drug risks and stuff, but this poll makes every answer sound dumb, and I was just pointing that out.
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