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Im sorry but Linken Park, and all other sellout bands just like Linken Park are a bunch of tossers!

Anyone who plays an instrument, like guitar for example (i play guitar) can just listen to any of their songs, think "what the fuck" and then jump out of a window. They put NO effort into their music! It's a couple of riffs, played over and over again, with alot of special effects, and a synthesizer.

Then they just SCREAM down the microphone!

"THE PAAAIN SO UNBEAAAARAAABLEEEE" is pretty much along the lines of their lyrics, well the subject matter anyway. The only thing they are good at is marketting, they know what relates to everyone, everyone faces pain in their life, eveyrone faces 'bad times' so of course the lyrics might appeal to you.

Other than that, they aren't artists. They are crap!

Sadly though, and unlike me, the general population doesn't listen to "real" music. Just alot of sounds that are pretty after being warped in a computer.

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