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Originally Posted by Cebmont Elenoure
I don't understand the poll. Many gay people do not appear to be gay. Lots of straight people have tendencies that are in this culture associated with homosexuality. I am not gay, but I do know some gay people. You can't tell the difference.
to put it simply gay people[somenotall] and striaght people[some not all] are alike. u cant tell the difference physically and how they act completely. for me i kan tell easily by the way they act. one lil tinee tiny move ca tell u a gay man from a sttraigt 88% of the time if ur eye is quick enough to catch it. it culd be the way they walk, talk, dress, sing, dance, move there ass the way they do. etc etc. and also the vibe. if u have a gift like many to feel the presence of someone when u are near them then u also can tap into there presence to see different things. that is a very hard thing to do and i dont do it often for it is very adcacned. but yeh juss beleve in urself =D and in others and ull see in time there true nature
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