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Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
Um actually they've found that your testicals are a spot where you have a lot of estrogen! I know its hard to believe but I heard about it in a weird documentary about eunichs (guy that had their balls cut off). These guys grew incredibly tall (like 8 to 9 feet tall) back in the 1600 because their balls were cut off to make their voices higher! Apparently the testosterone helps us grow tall and estrogen helps keep us "short" to balance out our height around 5 to 6 feet; without their balls however they actually grew taller!

I think the name for these singers were "Castrato's" (for castration) weird eh?
Uh since when?
The castrati were choirboys who had their testicles cut off because women weren't allowed to sing in church. Most castrati were short...
(It is castrati because when pluralising an Italian word ending in o, you change it to i, like sforzando and sforzandi)

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