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Default It's All Happening At Once

Just ignore this post, I just need to get this out of my system.

It's always the way that once you look as if you are over your depression that lots of things go wrong at the same time.
Take this past week for example. Sunday 19th June one of my friends drowned in the thames (Rest In Peace Palmer!) and then false rumours get spread about me by my ex and his partner in crime, i get accused of spreading rumours myself, my ex is being an arsehole and saying that I have no friends (i do, and they're all 1000x better than him) and that i've hurt him alot more than he's hurt me. For one, he hasnt got a fucking clue how much he's hurt me over the past 8 months so he's in no position to compare! Two, he's the one that'll end up with no friends because he's determined not to enjoy anything then blames it on everyone else when he's unhappy! I really could fucking kill him!
He's been telling me for 7 months now that he loves me and can't live without me but he's doing this to me now! He even had the nerve to tell one of my friends that I'm lucky he's not telling everyone my secrets as if the people who matter to me would believe him!

Sorry for taking up your time if you've read this x
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