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Name: Cassie
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I dont no if you guys get it i bearly have anyone left. And my MOM was the only one that really loved me and now she is gone. I now live with my dad and he hurts me and its not fair to me at all! But i no i have to get over all my losses (i am getting over them).

And it drives me crazy when people say they hate there mom (or dad) so much. They should be grateful they have parents. My moms gone and my dad is crazy but that doesnt mean i dont love him for being here to take care of me! Sometimes i think God took my mom away so i could get to no my dad better. I never saw my dad when i was younger.

And on top of all the my best friend killed her self becasue of her life. I miss her alot to i could tell her anything, but now she wont answer back.

Thank you.
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