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Default is she okay?

I have a friend from camp who I know pretty well and were okay friends but we have a good trust bond between us. This past year at camp she made friends with alot of the boys and they didnt like her very much (which she didnt get) and they called her fat and ugly. This year she's been sending me pics on how she looks and says she's dropping 20-30 Ib. in a year! I havnt seen her yet in person but she looks madd skinny in her photos... so I asked her how she got so skinny because she doesnt seem like the type to develop an eating disorder(even thought there is no "type"), and she told me she just ate less... but how much less do you have to eat to drop 20-30 Ib.??? to much less? could this be a case of anerexia??? I'm afraid to say something because she's very dramatic and agressive when she gets angry (she wouldnt hit me), but I know the right thing to do as a friend is to step in and help! what should I do???

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