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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by agirl555 View Post
I masterbated my third time today and since the whole thing is kind of new to me, I inserted my finger inside me. Is it normal that theres like a lump at the back of ur vagina? Is it the hymen?
Nope it is your cervix like Princess said! All vagina's are different in length and shape so if you are feeling yours it's totally normal. Also the cervix can be more reachable (lower) at different times of your cycle (closer to ovulation it gets lower). So don't worry at all this is totally normal. But some girls think it's uncomfortable to bump into the cervix so if that is it just don't push in so far or be gentler.

Originally Posted by xXPrincessXx View Post
Am I the only girl on this site that hasn't been able to reach orgasm?
Not at all, I had a hard time reaching Orgasm when I first started to masturbate to. It takes a bit to figure out what to do and how to relax enough to get it to happen. At least it did for me.

Originally Posted by Special K View Post
I used to be like that. But it takes a lot of patience and changing things up including the pace. I even started thinking about girls I couldn't have or girls I shouldn't be thinking about and it really got me worked up. I started cumming after.
Exactly, try different stuff, ways, to figure out what gets you the most excited and relax as much as possible.

Originally Posted by xXPrincessXx View Post
I figure I'll be able to once I have sex.
I found it was actually easier for me to figure out how to orgasm on my own. It took a LONG time for me to orgasm from sex. Being honest and not telling "Stories" it took me a long time at first (like during maybe 10 minutes) to reach orgasm and the boys I were with were um "finishing" just to quickly for me to reach it.

Hope that doesn't count as story telling mod's?

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