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i know how you feel... i get hurt by lots of people i love and it tears me apart and i get out of control and crazy.
i made a promise to my boyfriend about cutting and broke it a while back and felt so terrible i didnt know what to do. it still haunts me up til today and it feels as if im constantly reminded about it.
i havent cut or anything..just get angry and punch walls every once in a while.

i also made a promise about not getting sad or upset
my boyfriend thinks i can do it but i know and even right now im not happy with it.
im constantly sad and its tearing me apart.
everyone i love is turning their backs on me and it seems as if even my own boyfriend is being mean to me (nothing serious)
i know i hurt ppl to its just what i get....

i hope things get better for you and please dont cut. its not going to be worth it.
try and do something you like to do. (watch a funny movie, eat your favorite food) etc.
but please no sharp objects
u can pm me if you want and ill try to respond as soon as i can
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