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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

Originally Posted by StoppingTime View Post
Neither of you have been here long enough to qualify for diary ownership:

Rules Stickied to the forum.
Originally Posted by ImCoolBeans View Post
The current waiting is is:
1. TheXender2
2. Stronger
3. Adam17
4. Derric
(Quoted you just in case you aren't checking this forum as I don't see any of the above diaries, but there could just be 50, I'm not sure and figured it was safe to quote you.)

2 months today, and I'm well over 100 posts.
Name: The Princess Castle
Description: Enter if you want to sparkle.
Mods: Just me for now but I may add someone else later
Could it be Members Only please? You still do that to diaries right?
Thank you so much

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