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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

A traveler is walking along a trail when he sees its sundown and he doesnt have anywhere to sleep. He soon finds a house and knocks on the door. An old Asian man opens the door. The traveler tells the Asian man that he needs a place to sleep and asks if he could stay the night. The Asian man says he can, but he must leave his daughter alone or suffer the 3 Most Painful Asian Tortures. The man agrees and enters the house. As they are having dinner he sees the Asian mans daughter and she is a perfect 10 out of 10. He goes upstairs to his room where he lays awake all night and finally he goes and has a night of sex with the daughter. He wakes up in his room the next day with a 7 pound boulder on his chest with a note. The note says "Asian Torture Number One: Boulder on Chest". The man thinks nothing of it and throws the boulder out the second story window. As he watches the boulder fall he sees another note on the window that says "Asian Torture Number Two: Boulder Tied to Right Testicle". The man tries to think quickly and jumps out the window. On his way down he sees another note written on the side of house that says "Asian Torture Number Three: Left Testicle Tied to Bed Post".
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