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Default Ink Drip

How can you do this? Ive gone through so much, so much for you
Ive risked myself, ive stood up to armies to see you
Im so alone, the shadows I befriend…
Im hurt! You don’t care
Im bleeding! You don’t care
Im dying! You don’t care
You don’t even know, know that im there

In this black and white lullaby, you are my red rose
You are the one that keeps me here, the one the heavens chose
You are my one that’s always there. The only one that seems to care
Broken heart, bleeding dove, you’ll never know I breath

Why don’t you notice, why cant you see?
Im drowning here, in front of you
Help me out, take my hand.
Save me from this, take my hand!

I sit in my house, full of lost hope and despair
Holding your picture, whilst dark fills my heart
I think to myself “I wonder who would care?”
“Care to have found, that I won’t be there”
From this thought, I write down a list
A list of those, by whom I’ll be missed
The paper it stares, as if to be mocking
The results of this list, I find to be shocking
Not a spatter of ink flowed from my pen
Not a single person would even blink if I were dead
According now is the time, to set myself free
Ending myself, of faith’s misery

It’s your fault you know? You did this to me
All I wanted was you, to notice me there
To show me a smile, maybe to care
It’s hopeless now, plain I can see
That you never wanted, never wanted me
Im thrown away, like yesterdays newspaper
That’s all I’ll ever be…

A stain on the parchment of life.
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