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Default a lonely beach

Just sitting here,
along the lonely beach
right now i just have no fear.

Theres no driftwood drifting in
no people walking over,
its jus tme swimming with only my one fin.

I still contemplate whwat i'm feeling inside,
with no-one around me,
i have no-where to hide.

Here i escape from the life of reality,
with nothing going on
i guess its better than another fatality.

Whoever thought that one secluded beach
could bring everything to be clear
and now there nothing in my life that can ever be taken away or peached

umm, i'm stumped on what to do my next poem on so if you could give me ideas that would be good or just IM me and tell me or w/e i just want more id eas because i love writing and when we moved i lost my notebook FULL of poems, and i just wnat ideas! lol thanks!

<3 Perfectly : imperfekt <3

i know i said my name was molly, but its not.. its Carly M.
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