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I started when i was 9 and i got the talk i was told it was ok to touch myself but only in private i tried many different things like using my spit for lubrication and spraying the shower head directly on it. then i realized the most efficient way was just using my hand and i masterbated about once a day then one night (i lived in a community with alot of teenagers) me and all my friends who were a little older were staying the night in a tent and they said if you didn't want to show yours leave and go to the smaller tent. now this was before i had pubic hair and i hadn't even tapped a growth spurt so i left with someone younger than me and jacked off in the other tent well i heard em' talking about their cum and i was what in the world is that so i asked my girlfriends older brother (seeing as how i have no brothers) we talked i lied about my size and i had a new goal and that was to cum!!! then when i was late 12s i was staying with my Gma and i was in the upstairs bathroom laying on the floor and i came i was like freaking out ( i had pubic hair now) it's a daily routine now. So that's my story

P.S. How can you give yourself a blowjob u in gym-nasty- ics or something. ( I envy you)

P.S.S. How's that for detail.
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