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Originally Posted by kanine View Post
I have so many questions.....
1. I don't know if I'm cut or uncut, my mom said that she had the doctors circumsize me ( and she took a picture of it apparently ) but I swear I still have forskin! When I masterbate I can pull the skin over the head even if it doesn't cover it at all times. I also expreience the most pleasure in the head. So does it soung like I have forskin or maybe the doctors didnt remove all the forskin or what?

2. I masterbate on an average of twice a day. Is that to much?

3. I used to think I was gay but I've noticed that women still arouse me, I even masterbate to them on occasion. So I wonder if its normal for men to wank to both genders?

4. My orgasm is much more intense during sex then masterbation ( though I do last much longer during sex ). Is that normal?

Well is about the first question, I think the doctors made a loose circumsicion but its very probably they did not cut enough foreskin so you have more than a loose circumsicion, becasue actually when babies get a loose it looks like an intact penis but with the time it gets as a normal circumsiced penis, and obviously at your age it should had happened. So that is why I think they did not remove enough foreskin, so ! Its cool yo are like an uncut boy with no longer foreskin, and it is reallly nice becasue you can feel the cool pleasure made by the foreskin ( as you said you feel pleasure in the head) so you are lucky ! well that is my opinon
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