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The only illegal drug I've done before is marijuana, and I'm not psychologically addicted to it so personally I don't think it's a big deal. If offered again while with a group I would join in. I take aderall almost daily non-prescribed. Have been for the last 9 months. My sister gets them and doesn't take so I do. I would smoke weed again because it feels nice. It's like a pleasant high. I keep taking adderall because I don't want to not take it. I mean when I'm not taking it I'm sad and slow and cry plus I'd feel sick from not taking it. But when I'm taking it it's more like I can control myself. Everything feel how it should be.

Originally Posted by MrMundane View Post
I've done weed, LSD, cocaine, molly, shrooms, drink when possible.
I have been chain smoking cigarettes ever since an old job, few months now.
I'm off LSD right now but went through some binges.
Weed helps me get through every night, can't sleep.
Never been really into molly.
cocaine is relatively new and I fear my self restraint has fled.
I would love to stop cigarettes the most. I would like to not start coke but my only friend does it and I would probably kill myself if he stopped chilling with me, so its a dilemma.

Also the only thing weed does is decrease lung capacity by a few percents. Cigarettes are much worse, why do you think weed is considered medicinal?
Would they really stop hanging around if you didn't do it with them?

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