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Default A list of ways to stop Self Harm and Cutting

Firstly, I am not the most experienced person in SH on this forum, but i have tried ways to stop, as most of us.

Secondly, I am making this thread so people can easily see ways to stop self harm.

Method 1:

Go for 24 hours of no cutting. then, if you make it, got for 3 full days of no self harm(72 hours). If you cut in those 72 hours, you have to start all over. But if you make it(even if you cut on the 4th day), go for a full week(7 full days). And again, if you cut, you have to restart it. once you make a week(even if you cut on the 8th day) go for a week and a half(10 days). And keep repeating. If you cut during the time you are not suppose to, you have to start again. Keep doing this month by month and you should do fine.

Method 2:

This is the Butterfly Project. What you do is you get a permanent marker and and draw a butterfly near where you cut. Inside or next to the butterfly, write the name of someone you care. You must keep this butterfly alive. If you cut, it dies. If you rub it off it dies.

Method 3:

This is called the Paper Chain Project. To do this method, for everyday you go without cutting or self harm, you add a colorful chain. If you relapse, you add a white chain, but you keep adding. The more you go with this project, the more you see your progress. So you can see that you can go without cutting for longer periods of time.

An alternate for the Paper Chain Project is to do it with paperclips instead of paper chains. It is easier to hide this way(if your parents/family doesn't know about your SH). All the same rules apply. Use Colorful paper clips for days without SH and plain ones for days you do SH

Method 4:

Distractions are everything. Read books, draw, write poetry and songs, play video games, exercise. Any thing that puts your mind doing something. Do work. Just anything to get your mind of things.

Method 5:

Do something less harmful. Take a rubber band and flick it. Rub and squeeze ice to where ever you SH or take hot wax(Paraffin) and
drip it. (Credit for this method goes to Kryptonite(Siobahn))

Method 6:

Clear your mind. Meditate. It may seem hard but it works. There are may different ways to do it and all of them work.Here is a list of different ways to do it. Not all of them work as well as others. you just have to find the one that works for you. Also listening to the rain works. Here is a site to listen to constant rain (credit for Listening to Rain goes to Kryptonite)

Method 7:

Get a red marker and draw lines where you cut, instead of cutting. It looks like blood but you don't harm your body. (Credit for this method goes to Mynick)

Another Version of this is to draw your body with out any cloths and then using a red pen, draw lines where you cut. Like if you cut on you hip, you would color the hip up with red marks. This is what i mean with the body. And then you would use a red pen to draw on it.

Method 8:

Hide your "tools". Get rid of them. Close your eyes and throw them away. Do anything so you get rid of of what ever you use to self harm with. (Credit for this method goes to handle with care)

When you're in a state of mind where you don't want to harm yourself, put your tools for self harm all in one spot and write a note near them. You could write something like "Remember how you felt before" or something and it will remind you that you may not want to. If you see it and know that YOU wrote it, fully conscious of what you were doing, it might help a little. I don't know how much sense that made but it works for me.(Credit for this method goes to ByXaz)

Method 9:

Cut into an orange, apple, or other fruit. cut it any way you want, and then after you are done, you have something to eat :3 (Credit for this method goes to Rasmusdk)

Feel free to post other methods that have helped you below and I may add them to this list and give you credit for it.

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We hate the struggle of fighting the urges, but don't quit. suffer now, then live as a champion as you over came your battles.

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What if I just pulled myself together, Would it matter at all, What if I just try not to remember, Would it matter at all

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