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Question I think I had OCD but it faded out. Is this OCD?

I used to have this thing - I was obsessed with things being even. I used to tap with my right hand.
Index - Middle - Ring - Pinkie
I'd do that 5 times, then feel a bit uneven. I'd do it backwards 5 times. Then I wouldn't feel right, I started with one, ended with the other. I'd do Pinkie - ring - mid - index 5 times, then the other one 5 times. The number was not always 5, but with each number of taps, it had to be the same, else I would retap the other ones or the one I just did again.. And then I'd feel like starting with Middle - Ring - Index - Pinkie, then do Ring - Middle - Pinkie - Index. I'd get quite annoyed and a bit antsy inside when it wasn't even, it didn't feel right.

Another thing was if I was going around a circular object, And I started going clockwise, once I'd gone around once or twice I felt like I'd rubbed my finger going counter-clockwise, so I'd just gone backwards. So, saying I started from 12 O-clock, I'd start again from 11 O-clock, and try again without feeling like I'd just gone counter-clockwise. I'd feel wrong again, so instead of starting at 10 o-clock, I'd be sort of tracing in midair, going clockwise away from the actual circle, then bring my finger in so it wouldn't be going the wrong way, it was still going the original way - with either of these I started, and then could take 15 minutes before I needed a distraction from feeling sort of wrong inside.

So, would this have been OCD? There were more incidents, mainly with finger tapping, that mainly revolved around me feeling like I'd tapped one finger more than the others, and I'd tap all the other fingers once to feel even, then it'd just change, something would feel wrong, I'd keep tapping different aiming to get some sort of balance - It was irritating. Very. It was almost like a goal back ages ago, to finally get that balance for something. OCD or not?

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