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Default my take on gay marraige......

i am a Christian along with my mom....we disagree on this aspect of the Christian religion.........everyone says that God says marraige is between a man and woman, if he did say that than o well.....because i hate to tell you but our government runs this country NOT God......and seeing as how the government is based on facts and truth and not religion then gays should have the right to marry. Here are some facts and truths for the government:

FACT: there are gay people in this world.
TRUTH: gay people are fully capable of loving and being loved.

once again our government is based on facts and truths NOT religion, if it were based on religion than we would basically be a dictatorship and would have no freedom. but we do have freedom and we should have the freedom to marry whomever we wish reguadless of thier gender, race, or color.

the key to marriage isn't fun its DEDICATION
the key to sex isnt d!ck and pu$$y its LOVE
both of which gay people are fully capable of........i could go on and on about this subject but ill keep it short for now until some ignorant stiff decides to bash gay ppl on my time! thanx
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