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Default Re: OCD over People?

Originally Posted by Syvelocin View Post
Not a direct result, but a ton of Virgos do find themselves with an OCD or OCP diagnosis. It has nothing to do with "disease." Virgo's are meticulous, organized, often obsessively neat. It isn't that they have a disease, but they are prone to be diagnosed for these reasons.

It didn't used to be something I was into either, until I saw my birth chart and it's insane accuracy. You see, your sun sign isn't enough. it's the rest of your chart, combined, that make your personality. I met someone who had a theory about mental illness and astrology. Actually, this theory doesn't belong to her and others have it to, that mental illness is nonexistent (to which I add "as far as anxiety and personality disorders go") and the disorders we describe are actually just different birth charts. I wouldn't stand by that, but I find it very interesting as I'm going to school for psychology currently. It's what I want to make my career out of.

Like I said, not diseases. Conditions like autism, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. do not fall under this theory. Although, interestingly enough I've looked at about five birth charts right next to each other of women with bipolar disorder and there's an interesting number of air and virgo signs in all five of them. Bipolar people are also known for their intelligence and creativity, which are two very common traits in air signs. I'm curious if, in addition to genetics, some personality types have higher rates of general mental illness. Maybe just severity, how much the person lets the illness take over his or her life?

Sorry for the rant, thought you might be interested, and just wanted to make sure you didn't think I'm a loon, lol.
I thought birth charts were cool but I lost all faith when mine had two direct contradictions within it.

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