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Default Abercrombie & Fitch.........

this may not fit in here and most of you may not think its important but i do. i LOVE A&F's clothes and i don't get why people have to criticize us so much about it. they say its a preppy rich peoples store. while i will agree with half of that..the clothes are expensive but so are the stuff that stars wear like gucci, louis vuitton, dior, burberry and all that stuff. however i dont agree with the whole preppy part.....i mean, whats so preppy about a t-shirt with a graphic design and a pair of jeans with some designer rips and frays in them???.......if i couldnt afford to shop there i would envy ppl that do....their clothes are actually very nice and are good quality so you get what your paying for. and they are also very good at providing tops and bottoms that match something else in the store so coordinating your outfits is never a probelm......Another thing i hate is how ppl discriminate them because "their models are skinny pretty bonde girls or cute buff boys"....hello...i hope u never own a business cuz u wont get success if you pick some 500 pound girl or guy to model for you! i dnt wanna sound rude but i rilly hate it when ppl judge me....feel free to post whatever you want about your thoughts of A&F...diss it if you want...but please dont diss me or trash me becuz of what i wear! thanx
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