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Originally Posted by FaDinG DreaM
Your just afraid to die or to lose people close to you
So you creat this "heaven" concept to help you cope

I have takin religion 15 and 25, I have my 35 finals in a few days
15 = grade 10
25 = grade 11
35 = grade 12
{I'm in grade 11 just took a grade 12 course}

So I know allll about your so called wonderful religion aight so you can't tell me shit.

There IS proof to support the evolution theory your just ignoring it your blind by this thing you call faith which is just another word for superstition. I find it funny how sum of the worst things imaginable happened in the name of or because of this "god", there are many many casses of this through out history but to keep it simple I''ll only name one; I belive everyones familure with the term "nazi"?
Christans, catholics etc... despise other religions, look at how they used to treat the romans not only when they first went to convert rome and completly looked down upon the romans religous belifs BUT this continued even after they became christans cause aperantly they wern't as good as the jewish}. You try to convert anyone you come accross, if you couldn't do it peacefully you did it by force, just look at you past in Africa.

Look at how you treat people just because there diffrent (gay, bi, les)

Originally Posted by TheWizard
Or there is no god and we were created by a nice alien passing through our galixy. He had to go pee so he stopped on earth to peepee. Thus why all animals today have to go peepee.
You know Josh normally I wouldn't belive you I'd think it was a joke and laugh cause its funny but hey we have no proof of god er adam and eve and millions belive in it still so this is just as possible

{If i've hurt anyone, i'm sorry}
i agree that all religions are made for people to feel better about dying because they cant handle death being just death. and i also think that its stupid how they judge peole according to their sexuality.
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