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Originally Posted by Ravenous View Post
Your options are veeeery limited.. no judaism, no islam no sikhism, buddhism and hinduism together?
Could have made it a bit more open..
I'm agnostic.
What is agnostic? I am curious!

Originally Posted by Kameraden View Post
...Sorry. I can't hold my laughter. Please, tell me more about your encounters with Hades.
Its his/her beliefs don't mock them. We might as well be in the dark ages. Or Apartheid.

Originally Posted by dabulls View Post
i think its bullshit that people have to fight over religion. Before i start though i must say im raised catholic but will probably change when i grow up because of hate and misunderstanding. This is why im afraid to read the bible i dont want to misunderstand and tell others how god will kill us all lol. But about the qua'ran my grandfather said that in it is basically if you dont believe in allah youre better off dead. Yet we catholics are supposed to be peaceful and loving yet some dont accept other religions or gay/bi people and many others. Hell idk if there is a god but when i die ill accept whoevers up there though they might send me to hell. I dont care what ur religion is though. But all this makes me wonder why im going to a catholic school, then again i want educational stuff, so yeah. ( also i gotta go to this retreat on sunday and i recently found that its not mandatory and so no ones gonna show up and ill be fucked lol.) forreal though everyone should shut the fuck up and accept others beliefs. The end
thank you! This is the truth

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