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ok, ok. You people have odviously herd enough about MJ. But this will make you wonder:
SANTA YNEZ, Calif. - Michael Jackson's family and fans — and at least one of the jurors who acquitted him of child molestation — gathered Friday night for a huge party that was billed as a celebration of thanks.

The pop star himself, who has not appeared in public since his 14-week trial ended Monday, was nowhere in sight.

Among the approximately 400 people who arrived at the Chumash Indian Casino was juror Pauline Coccoz. When she walked into the casino and heard Jackson's music playing, Coccoz said, the enormity of what had transpired hit her.

"They were playing 'Beat It,' and I almost started to cry," she said as she waited to enter the showroom. She said that earlier in the day, she had received a wristband needed for admission to the party.

The crowd erupted in cheers as Jackson's mother, Katherine, arrived to the sounds of the song "I'll Be There." She came on stage at the end of the show to thank her son's fans from around the world for their support.

"We couldn't have done it without you," Katherine Jackson said as her son Tito stood next to her, his hand on her shoulder.

Others spotted arriving for the show included defense attorney Robert Sanger and Jackson's magician friend, who calls himself Majestic Magnificent.

Reporters were kept out of the showroom, and an Associated Press reporter who got inside briefly was escorted out by tribal police. Casino officials said they had orders from the Jackson family to keep all journalists out.

Tito Jackson has been performing periodically at the casino, and he had been scheduled to appear Friday night before it was decided to turn the show into what one of his band members called a celebration of thanks.

Coccoz said that when someone gave her the wristbands she decided to bring her family, partly as a public display of her confidence in the jury's verdict.

After the trial ended Monday, Coccoz, 45, was among the jurors who criticized the testimony of the accuser's mother. Coccoz also questioned the woman's parenting choices.

"What mother in her right mind would ... just freely volunteer your child to sleep with someone, and not so much Michael Jackson but anyone, for that matter?" Coccoz said Monday.
And this is what mike had to say (the person who runs
While the after math of the Michael Jackson verdict starts to rests, as parents everywhere curse god for letting this man walk free, I wanted to quickly comment. Although I feel like MJ was way out of line with his "handlings" of children, I just don't know how I would have felt if the verdict had sent him to prison. It just would seem very weird to have MJ in prison for child molestation. Now I'd like to go on the record here and state that I personally felt him to be guilty, I'm not sure which of the counts he was guilty of, but be damned sure that somehow, someway he stole a few dozen children's innocence at Neverland.

I, like just about everyone else watched the verdict live, and I watched all these crack pot fans, most of whom think MJ is god freak out when the verdicts were read. One woman released a dove each time a not guilty plea that was read, it was quite comical. The only thing that was "released" at O.J's verdict reading was some orange soda that was poured into the ground.

So today when I was reading through the news, I came across an article that was very eye-opening on why maybe the verdicts were not guilty. A female juror attended a party thrown by Michael Jackson for family and….supporters. Hmmm…. It starts to make me wonder. How did she get the invitation? What were her intentions? Was she paid off? Did she persuade everyone to let Michael free? Who the fuck knows? I just found it really weird that a juror would attend a Michael Jackson celebration party, after he was found not guilty. Now perhaps that she became a believer after hearing testimony on Michael throughout the trial, perhaps she sees the truth in MJ, something that 97% of us DON'T see. But who am I to judge? Remember out of those 3% of people who actually think he's innocent, 2 % think he's god.

It's just hard for me to believe that out of those 12 jurors, all 12 happened to be from that 2-3 % pool of MJ freaks.

I wonder what happens when they play the lottery?
Makes you think...
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