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Default My Allegedly Bulletproof arguement...can you break it?

Posted this somewhere else, pertaining to the existance of God. I want to see how solid this is, so maybe I can expand on it. Give feedback, or accept my challenge, whatever.
Look at it this way. I believe there probably is something higher up. But we don't know what that is. The possibility that it's what the Bible or any other religious book explains it as is just as likely as a giant frog crapping it all out of his eyes.

So I stay firmly athiest because there is not one shred of evidence that either the Bible or the Quarron (sp?) or the Mormon Book or any others are true. Plus I look at it this way:

-The Egyptians thought their gods were real...apparently they weren't
...same with the Greeks
...and the Romans
...And the Incas
...and the Mayans
...and the Aztecs

So what makes you so sure we've finally gotten it right?

I believe that in the beginning, longer ago than any of us can fathom, something did make all this. But from then science has carried it all. I firmly believe in evolution - it has holes, lets compare the scores here.

EVOLUTION: Thousands upon Thousands of Fossils of evidence
CREATIONISM: Not one shred of evidence.

The Bible does not count as evidence, because there's no proof going for it as well. I could easily write a book of my own crackpot religious theories, it would have just as much evidence going towards its truth as any holy book. So I do believe perhaps people like Jesus and Moses could have existed. But those stories were written years after their deaths, so I doubt they are true. Plus, why don't people worship David Blaine? He does some pretty incredible magic too. :p

So I'm atheist because Religion has no evidence going for it. Neither does atheism, but atheism is the lack of religion. It's the same concept as flying pigs. I guess they COULD exist somewhere on this globe, but we haven't found them yet, so we ASSUME they don't exist, since there is no evidence they do.

And from here I challenge anyone to attempt to prove to me anything having to do with religion. Have fun
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