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For most things, I don't believe in conformity, but in terms of sexual preference, I prefer the norm. The other stipulation I have is this: Gays should NEVER be allowed to adopt children or having anything remotely close to do with a foster home.

By allowing this in adoption or foster, it fucks the kid's life up for a very long time. No kid should have their innocence destroyed by being exposed to that shit. Any child who was in that sort of a situation, imagine the bullying they would face at school. I am against bullying in any form.

"Hey James. I heard you adopted parents are gay. That means you're a fag!"

That is the kind of discussion that I would rather not hear between two kids. I am an open minded person, but not when it comes to this. Personally, I don't believe that any couple should be allowed. If the government allows it for one type of couple, they'd have to allow it for all couples.

PS: I like being straight! I like looking at a girl and thinking, "Nice tits. Good personality too."

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