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I'm sorry kevin, but the Child Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 does NOT apply to this website, and even if it did WE HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. The pdf is 11 pages wrong, and since your not worth the effort, I'm not here to try and prove that we're abiding by the rules; your just going to have to believe me or read it yourself.

OK first of all lets just ASSUME that dotservant ISNT located in Malaysia, like their website says, and that it is infact run from Virginia and thus operates under US law.

One can see that our website does not apply. But just in case thats not damning enough for you, try this.

Uh oh, that means NOT US. So in other words COPPA can kiss my ass.

But lets go back to reality, Kevin. Dotservant says that they are located in Malaysia, and that means that the US Federal Trade Commission has NO jurisdiction. Not everything in the world revolves around the laws of the US you arrogant twat. Until you provide some similar child protection act that Malaysia abides by, you can just shutup.

OUR laws have NO precedence in other nations, as this shows:

But in any case, THIS SHOULDNT BE AN ISSUE BECAUSE DUG IS FUCKING 13 YOU PRICK. He said hes 14, why wouldnt you believe him? And why would you stress that because of him VT would be shut down due to nonexistant and nonapplicabe laws?
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