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Default Re: OCD over People?

I was just about to ask you whether you have Virgo somewhere in your birth chart, and then I checked your profile for your birthdate. Lol.

Forgive me as I know many people don't buy into the astrology thing, but I've been recently researching connections between astrology and abnormal psychology.

A ton of Virgos are obsessive-compulsive as the definition of a Virgo is pretty much obsessive-compulsive personality. What I mean is that even if you don't have OCD (not saying you do) it's very likely you exhibit at least some symptoms of OCD. I'm diagnosed OCD (but think I'm OCPD instead) and I'm a rising and lunar Virgo. I experience not thoughts about a person, but I get into phases of what I call obsession where I can't stop thinking about certain interests, and then they stop or change randomly out of no where.

And I'm sorry I didn't build your walls. And I'm sorry I had to go and fall.
And I'm sorry I had the whole thing wrong. Well, I guess I'm the sorriest of all.
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And I'm sorry the writing's on the wall. Well, I guess I'm the sorriest of all.
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